Sarah Palin, Can You Please Speak “Non-Idiot”?


Sarah Palin, her royal travesty, shared her thoughts on what U.S immigrants should do. “Speak American!”  This happened back in the summer (Sept.6) but it still has me messed up.!  Check out the video clip.


It’s called English, not American of course.  This mistake is hilarious to absolutely everyone.  Well, except maybe Donald Trump who suffers from J.M.S. (John McCain Syndrome).  That’s the disease that takes a person’s desperate need for votes and uses it to attack the part of their brain that could easily identify Sarah Palin as an idiot.  Sarah Palin still may be considered celebrity news, but she is also inspiring celebrity entertainment.   The video below still cracks me up!

Warning: This video has swearing in it, like the F bomb and the P word.  Hide ya kids!

So why does Sarah Palin focus on how quickly immigrants learn English?  This question keeps me shaking my head.  You can explain or vote on it at the end of this post!  I just think, if people can’t be easily understood, then it’s between them and the other person.  Maybe the other person doesn’t mind accents or bad grammar.  Maybe they aren’t high on gun fumes and preacher’s gas.  Log in and translate her point at the end of this post!  But first…!

Let me speak directly to Madame Nevertary:  Hey Sarah.  You had ONE language!  You’ve been here 51 years and still can’t get it right.  We will gladly follow your language rules after you learn to “speak non-idiot”.  Now turn in your Speech Cop Badge and go read a book.  Any English dictionary will do.  (Chay Eday – Drops mic. Leaves room.)

Explain this to me before… the Republicans propose a bill to change the name of green cards into white cards.
How can Sarah Palin lecture immigrants on speech, and then say something as dumb as “Speak AMERICAN”?


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