Janet Jackson Remains UNBREAKABLE


Janet Jackson definitely needs to throw some side eye to  the people who are complaining about the wardrobe direction for her latest “Unbreakable World Tour“.  This is Janet’s first tour in 4 years and it’s been seven years since she released a studio album.  This album, also called Unbreakable, has just reached no.1 on the Billboard 200 chart!



Janet Jackson’s UNBREAKABLE album cover.

The tour has been so anticipated  by her millions of adoring fans.  She has given us some of the best music and memories in pop culture history.  So what do some people decide to do?  Complain about what she is wearing on stage!  They say she is “too covered up”. “Where’s the old Janet Jackson?”  Celebrity gossip is nothing new.  I just can’t figure out why some folks don’t know how to chill.  If you can explain it, then please share your wisdom.  Just log in to reveal the red iksplain box at the bottom of the post. You can also vote for an explanation already there!  As a celebrity icon, Janet Jackson doesn’t owe people a certain look.  Her performance is fierce enough.  This reminds me of the Amber Rose Slut Walk L.A. message.  Only instead of slut-shaming, it’s actually modesty-shaming.  Both are equally wrong.

Janet Jackson’s wardrobe has been evolving over the last seven years.  Check out her evolution!

Janet -Jackson's- performance-clothing-2009-2011-2015
Janet Jackson’s look on her last three tours.
Miss Jackson if ya nasty!

Janet Jackson brings sexy to the stage no matter what she is wearing.  No wardrobe could ever suppress her sensuality.  As far as her current tour goes, the music is a beautiful mix of past hits and her latest music.  The set list contains a mind blowing 32 songs!  Check out the Unbreakable World Tour set list  to see which of your favs are included.  One of the tour highlights is her current hit BURNITUP! featuring Missy Elliot.

No matter what anyone says, Janet Jackson will always be the complete package.  She is Unbreakable.  There is nobody in her lane which, by the way, is 38 years long.  Remember her role as Penny on the hit TV show Good Times?  (All my young readers should Google it for fun.)  That’s why the negative comments are so confusing.

Explain this to me before… harem pants come back into fashion and we have a national increase of inner thigh rashes.
Why are some folks so petty with their criticism of Janet Jackson and her Unbreakable World Tour?
  1. superfan says:


    Because she’s rocking it, and they can’t understand how she manages it without being in her underwear. (not that there’s anything wrong that!)

  2. nightshade says:


    Some people will always have something critical to say, to feel self-important. If she showed skin, they’d complain too.

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