Hillary Clinton: What’s Her Vagina Ever Done To You?


Hillary Clinton has a lot of people are worked up over the idea of  her becoming President.  They are uncomfortable with the thought of a female President, as if owning a vagina makes her less qualified.

Come on.  Let’s hear it.  What has Hillary Clinton and her vagina ever done to you?  Something’s going on and I want to know what it is.  You have history together.  I just don’t get it.

Hillary-Clinton- listening- to-a comment- from-the-public
Hillary Clinton hears a lot of surprising things!

Hillary Clinton and her vagina are perfectly fine.  They are responsible, and have a good reputation.  They seems okay with fun, but not afraid of hard work.  So why do you get sooo tense at the idea of them being in charge?  You don’t want them working in :The Office”, and you definitely don’t want them in charge.  But why?  Hillary Clinton and her vagina have had your back for over 40 years!  They’ve worked hard for your education, your health care, and for civil rights for women and men.

Hillary Clinton speaking about Health Care Reform. Sept.,1993

Now I know you’ve had your disagreements over the years.  As quoted this week in The New Yorker “… she has the lingering perception of her sense of moneyed entitlement, her lawyerly slipperiness under questioning, and a walled garden of her political circle…”  But what about all the things they’ve done for you?  Remember, back in ’93, when they tried to help you go to the doctor with the Task Force on National Health Care Reform?  You ended up turning down their offer, but at least they tried!  Or how about in ’95 when they helped create the Violence Against Women office?  And let’s not forget in ’97 when they helped create the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the  Adoption and Safe Families Act.  And if you think those things are ancient history, then let’s look at the last six years.  Hillary Clinton and her vagina have worked hard to let you marry who ever you want to!  Here is a poster put out by GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).  GLAAD is an awesome group that work non stop for the acceptance, inclusion and rights of the LGBTQ community.

Hillary-Clinton-stating- that-LGBT- Americans-are-full-and-equal-citizens-and-deserve-the-rights-of-citizenship-that-includes-marriage
Hillary Clinton showing support for marriage equality.

Most recently, this Huffington Post  article shows us that Hillary Clinton is re-energizing the topic of reducing gun violence, to help keep us safe.

Now, I’m not saying to BFF them.  That’s totally up to you.  I’m just saying to give them a chance.  After all, they’ve given you plenty of chances too.  I still remember in 2008 when you invited them out, and then stood them up for the popular new guy from Hawaii.  They never held a grudge.  “Although we weren’t able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it’s got about 18 million cracks in it …”  They even ended up working with that new guy!  Yep.

If it seems weird that I’ve equated Hillary Clinton’s abilities with her vagina, you’re absolutely right!  I figured I might as well, since a lot of people are so obsessed with the next President even having a vagina.

Explain this to me before… we change how we “measure” the male candidates.
Why are some folks so scared of a female President?
  1. hola says:


    2 words: momma issues. Any man that’s confident in himself shouldn’t be freaked out by a female president.

  2. mz peabody says:


    What an analogy! I am woman hear me roar! If society (women) judged a man on his gender or size of his “pocket” rather than his actions and accomplishments, I’m sure society (men) would somehow enact a law/policy setting out the illegalities of such actions. Seems to me what’s good for the gander the goose can’t handle.

    1. nightshade says:


      Lets have them turn those “pockets” out! 🙂

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