Back To The Future: Social Messages We Forgot


The Back To The Future 30th anniversary was awesome!  But one thing was missing  from the discussion.  It was the incredibly strong social messages the movies delivered.

Remember leaning forward trying to look for the wires?

The hover boards, flying cars, and video chat predictions were mind-blowing at the time.  The folks at did a cool and hilarious list of them!  They were also laughable and seemed totally unbelievable.

The realness came from the struggles the characters went through with family and peers.  Those were instantly powerful and relatable.  A huge one that stands out to me is George McFly’s life long battle with bullying.  This was painful to watch because, as kids, we’ve all seen it happen, felt it happen, or made it happen.  Another one is Marty McFly’s obsession with other people’s opinion of him.  Remember how he would freak out whenever someone called him “chicken”?


Nobody gets away with calling him chicken!
Marty McFly getting a video call was totally insane in the 80’s.

There are tons of other issues brought up too.  Like Principal Strickland abusing his authority, and Lorraine McFly living a life of regret.  Here’s a great summary of the movie by Germain and Charlie Jane at  Addressing important social issues like these is also part of this trilogy’s brilliance.  We should all make sure to keep these issues in focus and share them with our own kids today.

One thing that seems to never change for me, is the never ending pile of laundry and dishes. “Take me awaaay.  I don’t mind. Just as long as we, can be back in time.” – Huey Lewis and The News

* * * * *
Explain this to me before… someone invents kids that choose to put dirty dishes in the empty dishwasher!
What messages can you relate to in the Back To The Future Trilogy ?