Zendaya Demands Realness In A Fake Industry


Zendaya Coleman was almost the  latest victim of body shaming, but she shut it down cold.

Don’t mess with Zendaya!

Excited about being the cover girl for the latest issue of Modeliste Magazine, Zendaya was shocked to see she had been photoshopped!  The magazine took inches off her waist and hips.  They also darkened her skin (A LOT) and removed some of the fine baby hairs off her face.  After seeing the images, Zendaya publicly blasted Magazine on her Instagram.

Zendaya’s Instagram comment

Once word got out,  the public got pissed.  The magazine’s editor-in-chief Amy McCabe made a statement thanking Zendaya for ‘raising a very important issue’.  They also returned the natural images to the issue.  You can read the official full length statement revealed by rumorfix.com.

Who are these idiots in the editing chair?   Why would they look at Zendaya and say, “let’s get to work, so no one sees this mess”?  Why would they emasculate a blossoming gorgeous young woman?   And everyone above the Photoshop dude should be ashamed too!

Luckily for us, Zendaya handled the situation like a boss.  She is a great example for us to never settle for crap that others think they can serve us.

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Explain this to me before… Zendaya decides to run against Kanye West for President 2020!
Should we demand that magazines end the practice Photoshopping people?