Is Sarah Palin’s Opinion News Or Comedy?


Wednesday night (Oct.28) is the CNBC GOP debate.  Why the hell is a news channel asking Sarah Palin to join a Post-Debate panel?  Have they seen her speak before?  EVER?  Sarah Palin is not an authority on what a good performance looks like.  In fact, the last time we heard from her she was telling immigrants to “Speak American”. Read my hilarious roast/post about that Sarah Palin fiasco!

Is Sarah Palin News Or Comedy?
The internet is hilarious!

Newsmax TV is calling themselves “The America’s fastest growing cable news channel “.  Their Slogan is  “Newsmax.  Independent.  American.”  Is that code for something else?  I would think that by now, everyone agrees what a disaster and fraud Sarah Palin is.  So how can a legitimate news site offer it’s audience a full serving of bullshit?

The GOP debate is promising to be a showdown battle between Donald Trump and Ben Carson.  Both of these guys are crazy as a Brinks truck with a flat tire in the hood.  Even better, this week, Ben Carson has taken over Donald Trumps lead in the polls.  Since we all know that Trump hates to lose, we can expect low blows and high-pitched  voices.

Maybe Looney Tunes Sarah is the PERFECT person to judge these guys?  I guess crazy is, as crazy does.  Don’t get me wrong, I do think comedy has a place in cable news.  Newsmax TV just needs to make sure they put it in the entertainment section.

Does Sarah Palin’s opinion matter to you?

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