Spring Valley Should Fire All The Adults In The Room


Spring Valley High School should fire every adult in the class room.  First of all, why is the teacher and the administrator JUST STANDING THERE?  Even worse
they look totally okay with the situation!

This guy was standing there the entire time!

The Spring Valley High teacher called the  school administrator who called officer Ben Fields to the classroom, to remove the female student.  Look at the administrator’s reaction when the cop puts the girl in a choke hold.  Nothing.  Then look at his reaction when the cop LIFTS HER ENTIRE BODY OFF THE GROUND AND FLIPS HER.  He barely glances over and then takes a step backward to get out of the way.  Then watch him as  the cop DRAGS the 16 years old minor across the room.  He’s staring at his God damn phone looking completely unbothered.  This guy does not try and protect the girl or tell the officer to stop.  He needs to be fired and charged as an accessory to an assault and failure to protect a minor under his care.  I think I found out this Administrators name but I’m not positive so I won’t post it.  If anyone out there knows for certain, please add them  in the comments section or hit me up on Twitter @ChayEday.

Robert Long – math teacher at Spring Valley High

One name we know for certain is Spring Valley High math teacher Robert Long.  He’s the teacher who wanted the student removed from class for taking out her cell phone.  He also did absolutely NOTHING but step back and watch while the girl’s head was slammed to the ground.When you watch the video, you can see she lands on her head and one shoulder.  The cop’s brutal attack could easily have caused spinal injury or brain trauma.   He also remained silent while she was dragged across the floor, pinned and handcuffed.  When Mr. Long was asked if he felt bad for what happened to her, his reply was “she should have cooperated.’”

Spring- Valley-High-Sheriff-Leon-Lott
This guy needs more color in his life.

The folks at heavy.com share a thorough look at County Sheriff Leon Lott. The report includes Lott’s statement that “the teacher and administrator both gave statements supporting Fields’ actions”.  Now let’s also look at what else he’s said.  At first, he goes on the news and says he’s shocked and disturbed.  Fine.  Then he say’s he’ll investigate the situation and place the officer on unpaid administrative leave.  Okay still fine.  THEN he say’s that he’s not sure race was a factor because the officer is dating a black woman.  NOT fine.  What the hell is he talking about that for?  Doesn’t he know there are plenty of racist people who will have sex with the people they despise?  Somebody please rent him Twelve Years A Slave.  His most recent statement is the worst one so far.  He now says that there is a third video that shows the student punching the officer.  He says he won’t release it but it does show that she “pop the officer with her fist”.   Wait a minute!  Is this the video he’s talking about?

The  Spring Valley High student punched him WHILE HE WAS CHOKING HER.  She was swinging behind her, trying to get his arm from around her neck.  TRYING TO EFFING BREATHE.  And she was still in her seat.  What would you do if a 300 pound weightlifter was choking you?

*Update  Officer Ben Fields has been fired.  He still needs to be charged!

This brutality needs to be stopped by everyone.  Justice writer and activist @ShaunKing shared an email response he received from Amilia B. McKie.  She is the Secretary for the Richland School District Two, Board Of Trustees.  She basically says she’s shocked, there’s an investigation, and she hopes it doesn’t happen again.  I give that email three slow claps and one blank stare.  She makes NO MENTION of suspending the other two adults in the classroom, who did nothing to protect this girls life.  The FBI and the District Attorney’s Office are investigating.  Let’s hope there are AT LEAST three adults facing charges when it’s done.

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Chay Eday