Kris Kardashian: Don’t You Dare Pimp Lamar-Again

Kris-Kardashian-and-Lamar Odom

This news is sooo foul, even for a Kardashian! I can’t imaging anything more disgusting than Kris Jenner pulling pimp moves on Lamar while he is recovering from near death.  This exclusive report, about Kris Kardashian planning a deal for Lamar’s first post-overdose interview, came from  Normally, I don’t put a lot of faith in gossip magazines for facts, but RadarOnline has been right A LOT with Kardashian reports.

This chick better stop plotting!

Kris has pimped EVERYBODY in her life.  She’s whored out her kids,  her son-in-laws, and even her trans-gendered ex-husband!  There has been nothing that Kris Kardashian wouldn’t do for money, and fame.  NOTHING.

Kris Kardashian using Kanye West for ratings
She should reverse the last two words.
Kris pretending to care

Using Lamar Odom for a deal, however, is a brand new low.  I mean, the guy is fighting for his life, after overdosing from drugs.  For God’s sake!  He’s also has to be deeply depressed.  There are reports that the family has been filming this situation for the entire time!  I think they probably started filming after he woke up and was transferred to a L.A. hospital.

Now I know she can’t do it without his consent, but let’s look at this closely.  His drug use has cost him his marriage, his career, and his money.  He’s got to be desperate to to cooperate and get those things back.  Just because he agrees, doesn’t mean it should happen.  If Kris Kardashian is planning this, then she is a filthy, disgusting pimp of the highest degree.

Good news!  TMZ reporting that Lamar Odom is off dialysis and does not need a kidney transplant.  Yeah!