TRUMP Caught Lying That He Didn’t Know Disabled Reporter


Trump has been called out as a big time liar for denying he knows the disabled reporter he mocked.  Since Donald Trump made fun of New York Times reporter, Serge. F. Kovaleski, who is physically disabled, he has recieved a lot of backlash.  Even though he made fun of the reporter ON CAMERA, he has completely denied that he did it.  In fact, Donald went on Twitter yesterday and claimed that he did not even know Mr. Kovaleski!

In a statement by Trump on Thursday he said, “I have no idea who this reporter, Serge Kovaleski is, what he looks like or his level of intelligence.”  Trump added to his denials by tweeting this:

Well in an interview with the New York Times, the reporter calls B.S. on Trump and his denials.  In the article, Mr. Kovaleski states,

“Donald and I were on a first-name basis for years,” Mr. Kovaleski said. “I’ve interviewed him in his office,” he added. “I’ve talked to him at press conferences. All in all, I would say around a dozen times, I’ve interacted with him as a reporter while I was at The Daily News.”

Remember this all started with Trump trying to us Kovaleski‘s the 2001 article to prove his statement that “thousands of Muslims were cheering in the streets in New York, after 9/11.”  Well the reporter explains the TRUTH about the article and how Donald has exaggerated that story.

“That story contained a sentence saying that the authorities in the days after the terrorist strikes had detained and questioned “a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks” on rooftops with tailgate-style parties. The story never referred to “thousands,” and it did not say that the allegations had been substantiated. Mr. Kovaleski, in interviews since Mr. Trump made his claim, has said his reporting did not bear out the “thousands” number, or even “hundreds.”  As for the claim that Mr. Kovaleski was trying to pull away from his past reporting, he said, “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Well that interview completely shut down Donald Trump‘s lie machine…for like five seconds!  Of course, Trump has turned his attack mouth on The New York Times itself.

I don’t think that anyone, with a functioning short- term memory, is surprised by Donald and his Milli Vanilli campaign tour.  It’s interesting  to see that he is continuously being exposed as a fraud.  Sorry Trump, we will NOT “Blame It On The Rain”.  Cue the 80’s music!

Milli Vanilli was an 80’s pop duo that was exposed for not actually singing on their Grammy winning songs.

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