Dump Trump: Toronto And Vancouver To Change Building Names


Dump Trump!  That is the growing cry from two major Canadians cities.  Trump’s hateful comments have  hit a nerve with Canadians.  Canada is a proudly multicultural country, and the Trump name has become an eyesore on some key downtown buildings.  As a result, Toronto city Councillor, Josh Matlow, is officially calling for a name change to the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto.  He has sent a letter to Talon International Inc., the owners of the 68-storey hotel and condo development located in downtown Toronto.  Matlow has also taken to Twitter to publicly call out Donald for his racist comments.


Dump Trump! A Trump building in Toronto, Canada.

Dump Trump is happening in Vancouver (a major Canadian west coast city) as well!  Former chief city planner, Brent Toderian, is asking developers, Holborn Group and TA Global, to remove Trump’s name from a building set for completion next year.  In a quote posted by thehill.com, Toderian says:

“As the discourse just gets more and more horrifying in the United States, it bothers me more and more that our second tallest building has his name attached to it,” Toderian said of the 63-story Trump International Hotel and Tower Vancouver.

Canada is not alone either! The mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida has chosen to DUMP TRUMP from his city.

The Mayor of Philidelphia, Michael Nutter, added Philly to the DUMP TRUMP list.  This Mayor wins the day for having the best statement about Trump.  Watch him sum up Donald Trump perfectly.

As my hometown, and my heart, I say AMEN to Toronto!  I fully supported the movement to get SNL to DUMP TRUMP.  I even posted a very passionate open letter to Saturday Night Live producer, Lorne Michaels.  Even though, we failed,  we started this important movement.  The world needs to be united in it’s fight against racism, and fascism.  Hopefully more cities will decide to DUMP TRUMP!

What do you think of Canadian and U.S. cities decisions to DUMP TRUMP?
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