Sarah Palin Missing! Last Seen Heading Up Trump’s Rump.


Sarah Palin has entered Donald Trump’s big-mouthed, small-minded election campaign.  She has  taken the microphone to show support for Trump’s pledge to ban all Muslims from entering the country.  This image from 2009 was re-posted on her Facebook page yesterday.  Along with that, she has included a long speech on why a person’s religion should be used to keep them out of the country.  She also tweeted her support for Donald Trump and blasted his critics.



It seems like whenever Sarah Palin starts to help someone get elected, things end up very badly.  Look at her epic fail  helping Sen. John McCain become President?  By the end, she had NOBODY talking about John McCain.  Instead, she had everybody talking about how dumb she is.  Sarah Palin thinking she should stick up for Donald Trump is crazy to me.  A lot of people have already discovered how racist and anti-immigrant she is.  Read my post about Sarah Palin and her “Speak American” comment on CNN this summer.  It has a hilarious parody video of her and McCain too!  Sarah is in no position to help Donald Trump.  She can only convincing people who already agree with him.  She should stick to buying condoms for Bristol.  You know, things that are HELPFUL and NECESSARY.  She could also go around  and try to find more pink guns to sign.

Who’s creepier? The manufacturer, the owner, or Sarah Palin?


Maybe Sarah Palin is trying to go up Trump’s ass to get offered the Vice President spot.  If she is, she’ll have to learn to speak “non-idiot” first.  That’s the kind of help that Donald Trump really needs.
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