Celebrities Who Spit On Their Fans By Supporting Trump


Celebrities have huge fan bases made up of all types of people.  Donald Trump does not.  So why  would celebrities choose to endorse Donald Trump, who has isolated so many groups of people?  Groups like immigrants, Latinos, African American, Muslims, women, LGTBQ, physically disabled, veterans and low income people.  (I’m sure I’ve missed some.  Let me know in the comments section!) These folks are the very same people that spend time and money to support those celebrities.  Why would celebs promote a guy that shows no respect for their fans?  Short answer:  Some celebrities don’t give a crap about the people that made them so successful and soooo rich.  Let’s take a  look at which celebrities have chosen to spit on their fans.

Charlie Sheen seems to like sticking it to people.
Tom Brady has millions of fans and gives zero fuqs.
Jessie Ventura. Former pro wrestler. Former Governor. Current idiot.
I think Tila Tequila just wants to “support” Donald Trump’s eggplant.
Mike Tyson was a hero. Was!
Gene Simmons has now officially killed the spirit of Rock music.
Terrell Owens cares about…Terrell Owens.
Dennis Rodman is just a power 'ho. (Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images)
Dennis Rodman is just a power ‘ho.
(Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images)
Mark Cuban should sit down and hide his face on the court.
Some please tell Omarosa she LOST Celebrity Apprentice.  Thanks.
Once some people are well off, they protest whatever they don’t need.  Things like affordable health care, raising the minimum wage, relief on student loans, affordable housing etc.  Just because we care about celebs, does NOT mean they care about us.  Some of them definitely do.  However, other celebrities, could not care less about the people who support them.    This list is a great reminder of that fact.

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