Nene Leakes Confirms She’s NOT At RHOA! WTF Is Andy Thinking?

Nene Leakes not back at Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 9.

Nene Leakes has confirmed she’s NOT back at Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9! Nene is waiting to film scenes, but the cheap a** producers at Bravo  haven’t called her to film yet!  Reports have recently surfaced, revealing that Nene hasn’t been filming with the other Atlanta Housewives cast this summer.  Some reports blamed Nene for her absence. They claimed that she was too busy with her HSN clothing line, comedy tour, ‘Fashion Police’ hosting, and game show.  Well, as soon as Nene heard these rumors, she jumped on Twitter to call the rumors “LIES!”.  She  also slammed the production team (aka Andy Cohen and Bravo).


Here’s what Nene Leakes had to say about the rumors from TMZ.

A twitter follower asked Nene directly, if she was returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Luckily, Nene decided to answer!  Here’s her response:

That response got RHOA fans asking the obvious question… WHY?!!!  Since Nene was a huge ratings buster last season, this news makes no sense.  Nene didn’t share any details, but she did send out a  general message.

Even though Nene is staying subliminal (for now), new details have surfaced about WTF is going on in Atlanta.  According to a juicy RHOA exclusive from StraightFromTheA , “Nene has actually been WAITING for Bravo to give her the word and they moved on with taping season 9 without her.”

Leakes was under the impression that she would be returning full time and got her nose done in anticipation of filming.

I assure you, had she known that they didn’t want and/or need her to shoot in June, she would not have rushed to get her nose fixed… and she wouldn’t have appeared on talk shows with it all swollen and obvious!

It looks like RHOA producers wanted to save money and changed their mind about offering her a peach.  Apparently “Nene was promised full time pay for full time work when in actuality, producers circled back and asked her to appear as she did last year, but with fewer appearances and less pay.”  Even worse, Nene has already booked time off from her other deals, so she could be available to film!

Busy?? Nene’s been ‘busy’ waiting for them to call her.  She actually postponed her ‘one woman’ comedy tour because she thought she would be filming in June!

She’s also a bit offended that filming started and they didn’t even tell her.

I can’t stand cheap a** producers, who refuse to pay people what they’re worth. I enjoyed her RHOA return last season, but at this point, Nene needs to tell Andy to kick rocks.  So now they’ve got Porsha Williams filming, but not Nene Leakes?  Hell nah.  Bravo will deserve the low ratings they get, if Nene Leakes is not on Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9..FULL TIME.
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