Was Malia Obama Caught Smoking Pot At Lollapalooza? Can she live?|VIDEO

Malia Obama Smoking Feature. #letMaliaObamaLive.

Malia Obama was video taped smoking at the Lollapalooza festival.  Was she smoking pot, or a weed cigarette, though?  I think that’s b.s.  It doesn’t look like she’s smoking weed.  A marijuana joint looks more mashed up.. It looks like a regular cigarette to me, but watch the video and decide for yourself.

Either way, CAN SHE LIVE?  Some folks are acting like they’ve never done stuff as a teenager.  And SO WHAT IF IT IS WEED?  We should be more upset about the thousands of people locked up for personal possession.  Weed should be decriminalized and taxed.  To me, it’s like alcohol and cigarettes.  It’s up to individuals to decide.  When I originally saw pictures of her dancing on stage, I decided not to write about it.  Again, who cares if she wants to drop it like it’s hot?  Now, I realize that people are freaking out.  Like I said in my video, don’t fall for the Republican trap of criticizing Malia Obama.  They will never mention all those people standing with her.  It’s very probable that some of them are daughters of Republican politicians!  President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama have a great daughter, who has graduated with honors.  Malia and her sister Sasha have grown up in the White House.  They’ve been under constant scrutiny most of their lives.  People need to let Malia Obama have a regular, non perfect, liberated life.