Tamar Braxton Tantrum Video! Here’s ‘The Real’ Reason She Was Fired.

Video of Why Tamar Braxton Was Fired from 'The Real' talk show.

Tamar Braxton was fired from ‘The Real’ talk show, after reportedly having a tantrum on set.  Well, video tape of that day, was released and  we can all see what happened.  The segment was sponsored by the social sharing site Pinterest, which had the hosts racing to recreate an image using arts and crafts.  So creative… and fresh!  I would suggest that someone give the marketing team at Pinterest a raise!  Ummm…  Except, the idea is so 80’s, that the hosts should’ve been wearing acid wash jeans!  Pinterest is not really an arts and crafts sight.  Most people share images and photos, but whatever.  Anyways, Tamar and Adrienne battle Loni and Jeannie, with Tamara as the host.  Watch the video to see the full segment, mixed in with my opinion of the drama!

This is suppose to be their explosive evidence of why Tamar Braxton deserved to be fired from ‘The Real!  How ridiculous.  I can see that stuffy people from Pinterest might get upset.  They should have sponsored a serious show like ‘Live With Kelly’, or ‘Kathy and Hoda’.  No, wait.  Those folks also act up and pour on the drama all the time!  Hmmm.  Well, then, I guess Pinterest should just stick a pin in it.  (Pun totally intended.)
So, who’s getting your side-eye?  Are you team Tamar or team Tamar-Too-Much?  Leave your thoughts below!
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