Donald Trump’s Rent-A-Clown Had Me Literally Crack Up!

Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen says who reaction video.

Donald Trump sent his rent-a-clown, Michael Cohen, to deny the polls showing Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton.  Michael is Trump‘s lawyer, did a TV interview to spin the firing and demotions of top campaign staffers.  Journalist Brianna Keilar tries to ask him about the “shake up” and the polls, but ‘Bozo the fool’ just dances around the questions like a clown!  “Says who?” and “Which Polls” are joined with “And your question is?” to make for THE FUNNIEST CIRCUS SHOW ON EARTH.  Here’s my reaction video made the first time I saw this CNN interview.  I cracked up so hard, I think I broke my internet!  Watch and enjoy!

Democrats have nothing to worry about if Donald Trump keeps sending his “team of winners” to speak for him.  Republicans will spend their time defending or ignoring him.  Either way, #DumpTrump is in full effect!
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