Love And Hip Hop Hollywood: Ray J’s Mom Demands A Prenup! Fair or foul?

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood season 3, Ray J and Princess prenup Feature.

Ray J and Princess Love from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, season 3, are getting married!  But, only IF Princess signs a prenup!  At least, that’s according to Ray J’s mom, Sonja Norton!  During episode one of LHHH season 3, we see video of Mama Norwood surprising her son with the prenup, ALREADY WRITTEN.  (Where they do that at?)  The look on Ray J’s face is priceless!  He even had to cover his mouth a few times, to keep his face looking respectful.  Because you know, Mama Norwood don’t play!  I’ve put together a hilarious video, which shows the prenup footage!  Plus, see why the whole idea should be D.O.A. and could spell real trouble for Ray J and Princess getting married.

Now sit back, and enjoy the Popcast!
Mama Norwood ain’t playin’!  I feel really bad for Princess Love.  Feeling like your mother-in-law- doesn’t respect your intentions or character has got to hurt.  I still can’t understand why Ray J’s mom didn’t talk to him first, instead of writing one and handing it to him.  She obviously loves him and wants to protect him.  However, she definitely treated Ray J like a little boy, by surprising him on camera with the contract.  Let’s see how this Love and Hop Hip Hollywood season 3 prenup drama unfolds!