Tamar Braxton 911 Call After Vince Bites her finger! VIDEO

Tamar 911 call about Vince biting her finger.

Tamar Braxton called 911 domestic dispute call after her husband Vince Herbert bit her finger during a fight!  Listen to the audio and her the details as a hotel employee talks to the 911 operator.  He explains that the assault took place in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Atlanta, and that Tamar is standing beside him.  The employee also says that Vince had already grabbed a cab and left the building.  The good news, is that he also says that no firearms were involved in the fight,  However, apparently, witnesses say that the bite was so bad, Tamar might need stitches.  Watch my *Popcast* video and listen to the 911 call, plus here the rest of the details.

This drama is definitely not part of ‘Braxton Family Values‘.  Hopefully Vince and Tamar can sort through their issues without biting any more fingers…or toes!