Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Moniece Slaughter insults Brandi Boyd's baby.

Moniece Slaughter has seriously crossed the line on ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Season 3.  She actually called co-star Brandi Boyd‘s baby  ugly!  First, Moniece spewed a bunch of insults about Brandi, in a conversation with her her baby daddy and co-star, Fizz.  It included trees, and monkeys and other really foul stuff.  (Watch the video below, to hear exactly what she said!)  Anyways, at the end of the conversation, Moniece drops an ether diss by saying, “The baby is UGLY”!  So now, Moniece has officially crossed the line into lifetime beef territory.


The two women have been fighting ever since the ‘Love and Hip hop Hollywood season 2 reunion’.  That’s when Brandi came for Moniece, by insulting her as a bad mother.  At the time, they both lunged at each other and security broke up the fight.  Since then, they have been hurling insults at each other on social media and in the press.  Now, Moniece has taken it to another level by insulting Brandi‘s family, and specifically her baby!  LHHH co-star, Fizz, has pleaded with his baby mother Moniece, to squash the beef.  Tried and failed.  Watch this video to see what Moniece said, and my reaction to this whole ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ mess.

I just hope that Brandi Boyd can let it go.  Moniece Slaughter has done enough damage to herself with those foul statements.