Moniece Slaughter Finds Love And Hip Hop Hollywood!

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Moniece Slaughter Finds Love Feature!

Moniece Slaughter has a new boo thing!  That’s right, the ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ star has bounced back from her failed relationship with  Rich Dollaz, and her LHHH baby daddy, Fizz.  So who is keeping her warm at night?  Well, the answer might surprise you!  It’s caused a bit of controversy, but it’s not a celebrity.  Thank goodness.  In fact, Moniece says that her new love will not be on ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’.  We’ll see if that’s true, because money always talks.  Watch the video to find out.  Plus, get a teaser about Moniece Slaughter’s OTHER drama.  This one involves one of her co-stars.  It’s none other than Brandi Boyd!

Let’s hope that this new romance, helps Moniece to settle down.  She’s been in the middle of enough LHHH drama.  Although, I have a feeling that Nikki Baby is going to find a few reasons to start some mess.  or finish some, depending on how you look at things.  Season three  of ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ has just started, and already things are blowing up!
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