Real Housewives Of New York Bethenny And Carole Get Roasted! VIDEO

Real Housewives Bethenny And Carole Get Roasted

Real Housewives Of New York season 8 reunion, featured two VERY “mean girls”! Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill showed RHONY viewers  exactly what “mean girls” act like.  Each and every episode, they mercilessly tore down the other housewives.  Some of you might disagree.  That’s okay.  Leave tell me why in the comments section.  BUT FIRST… watch the video i created show all the nasty games that both women have played.  The worst one game they played was called “Hypocrisy”!


If your boss can’t see you, and you’re not busy saving lives…


Let’s remind ourselves of what happened this season 8.  Sonja Morgan was slashed by Bethenny, for launching Tipsy Girl alcohol.  Bethenny considers it a copy of her own SkinnyGirl brand, and attacked Sonja as a fake, unethical, business woman.  Even though she’s pretended to move past it, Bethenny will never change her mind, and will try to gobble Sonja’s profits, every chance she gets!

  Jules Wainstein was insensitively gossiped about for being too skinny.  This was from two skinny people!  Instead of focusing on reinforcing positive body image, they chose to whisper and snicker about her.  Jules was also accused of faking her sudden divorce from her cheating husband… for a story line!  Bethenny and Carole even mocked the impressive Hamptons home, owned by Jules and her husband MichaelLuann de Lesseps“The Countess”, was criticized for sleeping around, and being a horrible person.

  Luann was also brutally ambushed by Bethenny, with news of her fiance, Tom D’Agostino, for kissing some lady in a New York bar. Any normal adult, would have told her about it, in private.  But not good ol’ Bethenny.  She chose to publicly humiliate Luann, and then pretend to be upset about doing it.  That scene was the worst acting I’ve ever seen, since Sarah Palin campaigned for Vice President!

Dorinda Medley was condemned for her boyfriend, John Mahdessian. The  reunion, is suppose to try and hash out the problems each housewife has with the others.  However, Bethenny and Carole have denied being mean, throughout the entire season!  Watch this video of Real Housewives of New York season 8, and see how consistently awful Bethenny and Carole have been.  Also, I’ve added a large dose of my crazy Chay Eday humor!  Sure, I make a fool of myself, but what could be more appropriate?  Between, the constant bitchiness, and infomercials, this season, it was the best way to handle RHONY.

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