Real Housewives of New York producers texted Bethenny the picture of LuAnn's finace cheating.

Real Housewives of New York season 8 producers took the cheating picture of LuAnn de Lesseps fiance Tom D’Agostino!  THEN THEY GAVE IT TO BETHENNY Frankel!  This post-reunion accusation was revealed in leaked texts between someone close to production and another person.  The texts also say that Bravo producers made a deal with Bethenny to ambush LuAnn with the picture during the housewives‘ trip to Miami.  Watch this video to see the texts and what Bethenny said that makes this accusation totally believable!


Did you see Bethenny stutter to tell LuAnn the details?  In fact, her story morphed each time she told it!  When she told her friend on the water, she spoke about someONE.  Then she told Ramona Singer, and Carole Radziwill, and LuAnn that she spoke to bartenders and the General Manager.  When did this happen? The night staff are at home sleeping.  Plus, if she didn’t want to tell LuAnn, then why did she?  And why not just text her like Carole suggested?  That why I find these texts credible.  They provide answers to the questions that we RHONY viewers are asking.

Tom D’Agostina is guilty of cheating on his fiance.  No question.  However, I think that The Real Housewives of New York producers plotting against LuAnn, and feeding Bethenny the news anonymously, is just foul.  What do you think?
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  1. Chay Eday says:


    Hi hun! Yes, this was definitely some clarifying tea! Thanks for watching!

  2. hannahkingrose says:


    Chay loving the new tea on Bethenny and you telling it to us straight. I knew that info didn’t come from a friend of hers. That part never made sense. Bethenny doesn’t do anything if there isn’t something in it for her. I thought this was just part of her digging up dirt on all the housewives except her puppets Carol and Ramona. Interesting to hear that these texts that have surfaced. Sure seems to make all the puzzle pieces fit. Great job Chay. Still enjoy “hearing” your blogs.

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