“Drop Your Purse. Take Your Shoes Off.” Tami vs Duffey! Basketball Wives LA


Basketball Wives LA season 5 has finally started to smoke.  And where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire!  Tami Roman and DJ Duffey get into a  heated argument, that has both ladies ready to brawl.   Let me give you the crazy background!  BBWLA newcomer, DJ Duffey, volunteered to direct Tami‘s daughter, Jazz Anderson, in her music video.  On many levels, Duffey fails miserably as director.  She’s disorganized, way too laid back, and a poor communicator.  For example, when Tami asks her what time filming will start, Duffey casually responds, “Okay, so I’m not a morning person…sooo let’s start it at twelve noon?”


I’ve shown some other jaw-dropping examples in the video below!  When I saw this, I was like, “Sputter, gasp, cough!  Excuse you, Miss Duffey?”  What kind of answer is that?  Anyways, Jazz Anderson, and her team quickly agree with her Tami, that DJ Duffey was “DJ NO WAY”.  She needed to be fired!  However, once she hears the news, Duffey refuses to accept it!  Huh?  Tami‘s reaction is very UNgentle, and the basketball wives quickly get in each others face.  Tami is the first to gives hands on advice to help Duffey find the door!  Although Shaunie O’Neal was not there, Tami did a great impersonation of Shaunie, by telling Duffey, “Thank you for your services!”  Then, Duffey, goes one giant step too far.

Now, watch my *PopCast* video, and see what Duffey said, and why Tami Roman told her to
“Drop your purse.  Take your shoes off.  Get comfortable”
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Shout out to the insanely talented Jazz Anderson!  Watch her video for “All I Want” here!
Thankfully NOT directed by Duffey!

Congrats Jazz!  The song is fiyah and I’m definitely feelin’ it!  As for Miss La Tosha Duffey… well let me just say this.
Basketball Wives LA season 5 DJ Duffey.
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