Basketball Wives LA Season 5 Episode 10: BBQ Beef!


Basketball Wives LA, season 5 episode 10, has amazing lies and alibis.  Duffy creates a guilty-free version of her fight with  Tami Roman and shares it with Brandi Maxiell, Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, Angel Brinks, and Angel Love. Once again, Shaunie O’Neal manages to swerve the drama!  I think that Shaunie needs to teach a “Master Class” on swerving drama.  She made sure to be unavailable for Angel Brinks party last week, and the Texan grill party this week.  She met up with Tami and Angel Love to get the details and issue just the right amount of gasps, giggles, and sighs.  When Angel asks her, “Why didn’t you come?”  Shaunie smoothly answers, “I have carpools to sit in.”  HAhahaha.


The juiciest parts of episode 10 was when Jackie meets up with the Angels to discuss the fight.  Jackie tries to blame them for her savageness, AND get their forgiveness… at the same time!  However, Angel Brinks shut her down by showing up with a torn, gold-sequined receipt!  It was the custom dress that she made for Jackie, who shredded the garment during her rage.


Duffy was also highly amusing as she gave a creative spin on her fight with Tami Roman.  I break all of the lies and alibis down in my POPcast video review.  Watch and enjoy!

Basketball Wives LA is going to Portugal, courtesy of Doug Christie!  Be sure to stay tuned as Tami and Duffy meet up and the beef continues!