Brad Pitt Investigated By FBI Abuse Of Child! FULL UPDATE


Brad Pitt is being investigated by the FBI for physical and verbal child abuse towards one of his kids! The L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services  received an anonymous call that Brad was wasted on a private plane and lost his temper on one of his six kids.  According to TMZ, the incident has been documented and is now in the hands of the FBI.

On sept 14th, at approximately 8 pm, Brad Pitt and some of his children landed at an airport in Minnesota. That’s when eyewitnesses say Brad was “out of control” on the tarmac and even tried to leave in a fuel truck.  The DCFS informed  the LAPD, as is required by law.  Sources inside Law enforcement sources say LAPD  determined that they did not have jurisdiction because the alleged incident occurred in the air, on a flight from France to the U.S.  TMZ sources also say that because the incident occurred in the air, the FBI has jurisdiction. The ACU then closed its file and referred the matter to the FBI.

Several media outlets have reported about the situation, so this is NOT just celebrity gossip. Here’s a video with all the details reported so far.

Here’s my theory:  The day after Angelina Jolie filed for full physical custody, sources for Brad Pitt announced that he would fight for joint custody.  The very next day, (today) the story is leaked about Brad‘s child abuse investigation.  So who leaked it?  I don’t think the Feds, or the child services people leaked it.  I smell strategy.  I think the leak is from Angelina‘s pit-bull lawyer, Laura Wasser.  Don’t be surprised if more skeletons are “leaked” after every argument from Brad’s side.
Why does this all feel so Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to me?