Tamar Braxton Hilarious Troll Response: Dramatized By Chay Eday!


TAMAR BRAXTON is tired of folks talking about why her marriage and why her Instagram is set on private!  After hearing the latest rumors, she decided to  clap back with a long, scalding rant.  Her dramatic response called out the gossip sites and tabloids for… well, pretty much everything.  She specifically denied that her recent decision to make her Instagram account private, was a sign of marriage or friendship trouble.  She even revealed that she was in the hospital, which was why she was trimming her social media presence.  Well, even though her post was hot, it’s always more entertaining to hear Tamar, than just read them! That’s why I decided to do a dramatic reading for y’all!  First, take a look at what Tamar wrote.

Tamar Braxton Clap Back About Her Marriage And Instagram: image 1

Now check out my hilarious dramatization in my best Tamar Braxton impression! Enjoy and share!