REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA KANDI BURRUSS was kicked off their plane from Hawaii!  And now, Kandi has decided to put  Hawaiian Airlines on full blast.  During the RHOA season 9 trip, she and her husband, TODD TUCKER, were removed from the flight for “causing a commotion”.  During the boarding, a flight official told Kandi that their boarding pass was not showing up in the computer system.  They asked for her paper copy to verify, and left the plane.  After a while, the plane began to depart, but the ticket had not been returned!


Unfortunately, Kandi had her baggage claim ticket attached to the back of the boarding pass.  Then Kandi asked a flight attendant for help getting her ticket back.  Well, that’s where the story splits into two.  After assuring the Atlanta housewife that she would be fine without it, Kandi asked her to still please go get it anyways.  The flight attendant went to ask the pilot, and came back asking Kandi. Todd, and their companions to get leave the plane!  Hawaiian Airlines spokesperson says that Kandi was irate, and one of her companions demanded to be let off.  HUH?  This explanation sounds so fishy!  Watch the video to see Kandi explain what happened!

I think that some airline employees REALLY wanted to get into Kandi‘s luggage… without having a paper trail.  Y’all know celebrities are likely to have valuable loot.  Watch your back, and trust NO ONE Kandi!