KIM KARDASHIAN PARIS ROBBER caught on camera choking Kim’s friend! According to Radar online magazine, an “insider claimed that the video shows the following:

“Kim Kardashian’s friend or nanny being held by one of the robbers. They were storming the room, and one of her friends was being held. At the time, Kim was in her bedroom, and there weren’t any cameras there. Kim Kardashian didn’t come out to help her friend outside of her door.” {radaronline]

So far, the Paris police have made NO arrests on the   . What’s particularly interesting is that the guy in this video is wearing different clothes than the five men caught on video leaving Kim Kardashian’s Paris hotel right after the theft took place. Does this mean there were more than five guys involved in Kim’s burglary? The video clearly shows the robber’s face and that he was talking to someone else in the room. Also, this guy is NOT wearing a mask! So weird, because that means this unfortunate girl, and perhaps Kim Kardashian, should be able to describe him to the Paris police. Did you notice that HE’S NOT WEARING GLOVES?!! His finger prints should be found at the scene. (Perhaps on the cell phone that he snatched from the firl, and threw across the room?) The thieves obviously weren’t concerned with keeping their identities a secret. And what about the security guard who about them up to Kim‘s hotel room? So what’s taking so long for arrests to be made? This is awful and still so bizarre. I’m glad that nobody suffered permanent physical injuries, but the mental impact can be just as damaging. Hopefully, the thieves are caught soon, and brought to justice!
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In case you missed it:
Here’s the video of the 5 suspicious men caught leaving the Paris Hotel right sfter Kim Kardashian burglary.