The Only Wall America Needs Donald Trump To Build


The first ten days of Donald Trump‘s Presidency has been outrageous and only a little surprising.  Of course everyone KNEW he was going to be the  illogical, uninformed, shallow thinker that we have gotten to know during the campaign.  The only surprise was that he hasn’t been even a teeny tiny bit subtle with his xenophobic agenda.  Perhaps some of us were naive to think this slippery business man would at least have some phony “policy meetings” before rolling out executive orders.  Where are the photo ops with token “immigrants/minorites” invited to “voice their opinions”  on policy the discussion?  By the way, if you are wondering why I’ve combined the words “immigrants/minorities”, it’s because in Trump universe, they have magically morphed into the same thing!  I’m sure that Fox News will eventually  decide to adopt the word “immorities”.  They’re just a little busy debating whether “alt-right” should be hyphenated and insist that it’s spelled capital letter A.


Nobody in Donald Trump‘s circle has been able to explain WHY Mexico would ever pay for a border wall.  However, that hasn’t stopped Trumpsters from insisting it’s going to happen.  Apparently, “No” doesn’t mean no, in Trump’s “alternative facts” universe.

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Anyways, as dark as these times are, it has forced many people to wake up.  The blissful slumber of some of the privileged and unaffected, is ending.  The Women’s March, the airport protests, and dozens of similar events, have begun to rouse the apathetic.  Although not everybody has woken up yet.  For example, while immigrant families were being banned and separated, Ivanka Trump (who has converted to Judaism) decided to tweet this picture of herself and her Jewish husband at a fancy dinner.  In a sadly telling twist, it was also International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  In fact,  there was no mention of this important observance on Ivanka’s Twitter account.  None.  Instead, Ivanka decide to draw our attention to her sparkly dress.  Awww…how sweet.

Ivanka-Trump-and- husband-Jared-Kushner.
Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner.

On a similar note, the White House also chose not to mention Jews, Judaism, or antisemitism, in their official statement about Holocaust Remembrance day.  Hmmm… perhaps the alt-right supporters and Nazi loyalists surrounding Donald Trump cashed in some of their election IOUs?

The White House statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day didn’t mention Jews or anti-Semitism because “despite what the media reports, we are an incredibly inclusive group and we took into account all of those who suffered,” administration spokeswoman Hope Hicks told CNN on Saturday.

Thankfully, many world leaders, such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, have spoken up against Trump’s attempt to dehumanize and devalue immigrants.

Industry leaders like Google, Apple, FaceBook, Apple, and many others, have all condemned Trump’s 7 country ban, and pledged to support their affected employees.  As well, international travel giant Airbnb is offering free accommodations to people stranded in foreign countries because of the new U.S. travel ban.  With reactions like these, there is a lot to be hopeful about Trump’s reign.  HOPEFULLY, after seeing this worse case scenario play out, the world will further embrace human rights and peace.

In regards to the cover image I created for this article, I just wanted to energize the disheartened.  Humor can often fuel the spirit through the darkest of times.
Teenage Holocaust victim, Anne Frank, often extended satire and sarcasm while writing in her diary.  In the years leading up to her capture from the tiny attic where she and her family hid, Anne used humor as a form of resistance against the crimes the Nazis perpetrated:
Anne Frank 1929–1945

‘‘Fine specimens of humanity, those Germans, and to think I’m actually one of them! No, that’s not true, Hitler took away our nationality long ago.’’ [The Diary Of Anne Frank]

 “The wounded seem so proud of their wounds—the more the better. One was so beside himself at the thought of shaking hands (I presume he still had one) with the Fuhrer that he could barely say a word.” [The Diary Of Anne Frank]
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